An Epic Conversation with Joel Spolsky: From Coding to CEO

Podcast Discussing Trello and Stack Overflow with Founder Joel Spolsky

Podcast Trello and Stack Overflow Founder Joel Spolsky

Me hanging out with Joel Spolsky at his New York City home where I interviewed him. He’s holding the iconic Stack Overflow Control+C Control+V keyboard.

Today, get ready to dive into an epic conversation with Joel Spolsky, co-founder of Trello and Stack Overflow, and the man behind the legendary developer blog, Joel on Software. Trust me, this interview is going to blow your socks off!

I had the amazing opportunity to hang out with Joel at his cozy New York City home, and boy, did we cover a lot. We talked about his impressive 4-decade-long journey as a developer turned CEO. From his insights on software engineering to the secrets of successful product design to his experiences running companies, and get this, even his take on using AI as a tool. Talk about a wealth of knowledge!

For me, this interview is like the holy grail of all interviews. I’ve been learning from Joel through his blog for years, and have become a huge fan of the tools he’s helped create. And now, I’m thrilled to share this treasure trove of wisdom with you. Get ready to be inspired!

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Now, without further ado, you can dive right into the podcast below. It’s like diving into a pool of pure knowledge. Just click the link and get ready to have your mind expanded: Listen to the podcast here

During the interview, we mentioned a couple of links that you might find useful. Check them out:

I hope you enjoy this mind-blowing conversation with Joel Spolsky as much as I did. So, grab a comfy seat, get ready for some serious learning, and prepare to be amazed! And remember, the world of coding and tech is waiting for you. Let’s embark on this incredible journey together!

Now it’s your turn! Have you ever had an epic conversation with someone in the tech industry? Share your experiences in the comments below. Let’s geek out together!

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